thread a sewing machine

If you are reading this post then you are fairly new to sewing and want to know how to thread a sewing machine. For your information if you have a bought a new sewing machine then the user manual lays out the instructions clearly about threading.

thread a sewing machine

If you have lost your manual then please continue reading.

Instructions to Thread a Sewing Machine Correctly:

  1. The first step is to move the hand wheel of your sewing machine to an high rise position.
  2. Next move the presser foot to a higher position so that you can easily guide the thread to pass through the needle hole.
  3. Now put the thread spool in place on a holder. Please note: if the spool operates horizontally then make sure it doesn’t snap off while sewing.
  4. Next you have to locate a thread guide and pass the thread through each one of these guides beginning from the top till the presser foot.
  5. Never forget the thread tension section guide, you have to pass the thread through this section for maintaining the right amount of tension.
  6. Now pass the thread through a top lever like structure and pull the thread down to the bottom.
  7. From here pass the thread into the needle.
  8. It is important to note that you have to pull out the thread through the needle and have some extra length lying out.
  9. With one end of the thread in your hand move the hand wheel.
  10. See that the needle goes into the bobbin case and if you further continue you get another thread from the bobbin section as the needle rises up.
  11. Pull the thread coming from the bobbin a little more and then you are go to start sewing.

The first you do this it should not take you more than 3-5 minutes and you will have neat diagrams that lay out process thoroughly. Later when you are used to threading then it just takes you under a minute to properly thread your sewing machine without any complications.

If you think you need a visual guide then please make yourself comfortable watch the video to learn how to thread.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine For Starters

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