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An easy but always overlooked job by the beginners is threading a bobbin. Let me tell you the entire process laid out in this guide will hardly take a couple of minutes to finish threading. So take it easy.

Initially everything in sewing seems like a rocket science but sewing isn’t that tough. You got to learn each chapter in your own pace to fully understand the underlying concepts and become a master sewing machine user.

To ease your anxious a little more I have to tell you that sewing machines are easy to handle if you learn one topic or part at a time. Today we are going to learn about the bobbin threading process.

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Understanding the basics of bobbin functionality.

The bobbin is a circular steel built part that’s inside a bobbin case under the presser foot of your sewing machine. Some bobbins are built with plastic materials.

The main function of the bobbin is to pass a thread to the needle of the sewing machine and this thread will be a part of the stitch. You can find the bobbin thread is usually below the fabric and forms the bottom side of the stitch.

The modern sewing machines now come with computerized threader that supplies thread to the bobbin but initially it has to be wound manually. Some sewing machines still come with manually winding threads from the spool and then putting the bobbin in it’s location and resume sewing.

6 Steps to Thread a Bobbin

  1. Detach the bobbin case from it’s place (You can do that by opening the door provided under the presser foot).
  2. Remove the bobbin from the bobbin case.
  3. Now use a thread of your choice by placing the spool on the spindle. And attach the loose end of the thread to bobbin.
  4. Do a couple of manual winding and then position the bobbin on to the bobbin winder.
  5. Next remove the needle or deactivate the needle mechanism during bobbin winding to avoid needle damage.
  6. Now use the foot pedal to start the threading process. Make sure that the bobbin threading is even throughout and when complete stop the pedaling.

Now remove the bobbin from the winder and cut the thread connection going to the spool. Put back the bobbin into the bobbin case and replace it back in to it’s original place.

Also put back the needle or activate the needle mechanism after the winding.

Most sewing machines have different ways to handle bobbin thread. But the essential basics remain the same universally with all the models and makes.

If you are a beginner then have your user manual when threading a bobbin. The manual will help you understand how to locate, remove, and replace the bobbin case to accomplish the threading task.

6 Easy Steps To Thread a Bobbin on Any Sewing Machine

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