patching jeans pant

Don’t own a sewing machine? But still want to save your old jeans that you don’t want to give up for dumping. Well if that’s your case then hop on we are going to show you how to patch up your jeans pant and extend it’s life a little more.

Jeans are something that most people are comfortable wearing. And just this fact makes it very hard to throw them away due to wearing and tearing. You have to accept the fact that once there is enough wearing you should do something to revive it back to life.

Whether you see ripping marks, torn up holes, etc., don’t worry we will be patching them today.

patching jeans pant

I just want you to have the following accessories handy, for example, needles tough enough to sewing, thread, scissors, a similar jeans patch fabric, etc.

Instructions to Patch Jeans Pant Step By Step:

  1. Use your scissors to cut the hanging threads from the ripped fabric or holes of your jeans. Make sure you have picked up a jeans patch large enough to cover the hole.
  2. Now the sewing begins, have your jeans placed inside out.hemming jeans
  3. Next cover the patch over the hole and sew by hand with a matching color thread.
  4. Sew or hem the patch to the denim jeans until completion from inside.
  5. See that you sew a quarter inch from the hole.
  6. If you are not used to sewing manually then follow this pattern – pass a thread into the needle with enough length to patch the jeans pant. Then cut the thread and put a knot at the end of the thread.
  7. Next pass the needle through the patch cloth and the denim and then pull it back.
  8. Continue the previous step till you finish patching.
  9. That’s it, you are done with reviving your jeans back to life with a simple patch.

Wait ! There are other solutions too.

I will keep it short and brief up the alternative solutions. The first one is using a glue tape to patch up the denim jeans. Usually this is a quick fix which would not last longer. For a long term result a sewing machine sewn patch is the best method to follow.

If you don’t own a sewing machine, then try not to worry too much about it just go with manual sewing.

Are you too creative then try using different cloth or color patch and see how it looks. You can even try your art with embroidery if your insist.

Some of my friends even tried hemming around the hole or rip and turned their old jeans into trendy and stylish torn jeans. Most of the holes appear on the thigh or knee part of your jeans, so use your creativity to patch it. Creativity is in your imagination, don’t stop it – use it to help you patch up the jeans uniquely.

How To Patch a Hole in Jeans Pant by Hand From Inside

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