hem dress fabric sewing

Have you been in a situation where you get yourself or receive a dress that is adorable but you come to know the hard truth that it is long for your height.

I did receive a birthday gift which was a gorgeous gown and you know what the gown was too long for me though. Disappointed for a moment but not for long. I always went to my tailor when this happens to me until I educated myself how to hem all my long dresses effortlessly.

Yes, I sew and even hem my dresses these days I do not go to my tailor that often. You will be learning how to hem your fashionable clothes in this hemming tutorial. Doing so you will avoid buying yourself a dress and altering it with the help of a professional tailor whose fee adds up.

Hemming your dress does not require the use of a sewing machine nor cutting your clothes. You have to read the instructions below to understand what I meant.

hem dress fabric sewing

Do It Yourself Hemming Guide:

Before we begin just keep in mind that irrespective of the fabric hemming works for almost all common fabrics available.

  1. Items you need are thread, needles, and a scissor to cut the thread.
  2. Before you start with work ironing the cloth is said to make the hemming job easier.
  3. Now we assume that you have your body stats measurement and using this measurement move on to mark your dress for hemming using a chalk or a marker.
  4. Now remove the original stitching of your dress without damaging the cloth.
  5. When you are done with removing the stitches you will now notice some irregularities in the fabric where the previous stitch existed.
  6. Ironing the fabric in those areas will remove the irregularities.
  7. Now use the markings you made earlier as a reference and fold the fabric.
  8. People usually use pins to secure the fold.
  9. Now start hemming your dress and don’t forget to secure the hem with a tight knot at the end from inside out.

This is the end of the hemming story. Now try the dress once and see whether everything was done properly.

If you do it right then you can avoid paying extra to a tailor every time you get a new dress. Happy sewing.

Watch the video for a simple visual explanation.

How To Hem Your Long Dress Professionally

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