projects for beginners sewing

When I first got my sewing machine a few years ago I was very excited to just start sewing clothes. But the big question for me was how do I do it?

Later did I realize that I have to first learn the basics of sewing and then work on a few starters sewing projects. Only after going through the above process will I be able to take on complicated projects like sewing clothes.

Again I had this another question haunting me – which is the easiest project I can sew with my limited sewing knowledge.

So, I took on to the internet and compiled a small list of projects which I did complete and I am listing it below for your reference.

projects for beginners sewing

Sewing Projects for Starters – Easy Level

1. Pouch

A pouch for storing your accessories or your kids geometry stuff is an easy project for you to start off with. Items you need are two scrap cloth cut in rectangular shape with size enough to keep accessories and a zipper.

Bring the two clothes together and position them one over the other and turn them inside out. Start all the edges except the top edge which will be using to sew a zipper.

Now turn the fabric outside in and place a zip on the un-sewn edge and start sewing it. Make sure you hide the zip fabric extension inside the pouch while sewing.

2. Dog or Cat Shoes.

Funny but definitely is worth trying out. The concept of sewing is similar to the earlier project (pouch). But with a small twist, here you don’t add a zipper instead you will be using a shoe lace.

Match two scrap clothes together and sew on all sides leaving one side free. Now punch two or more holes at the top of the shoe and insert your lace into these holes so you can adjust and fit the shoe to your pet. This project hardly takes 15 minutes to finish given you have all the materials for sewing.

3. Bag for holding your toothbrush.

Sounds similar to the pouch project but you need to sew a small hanger on top of the bag so it’s easy to hang it on to the wall.

4. Pillow Covers.

This could be an enlarged version of the previous projects but try using different materials and embroidery if you are creative. You can again use a zipper or button or if you prefer to use a flip flop wrap then try it.

5. Wallet

If you can do a simple straight stitch a few times you will have yourself a card holder wallet. Doesn’t that sound good for your pockets.

6. Scarf.

Whether you are going out or have a baby, a scarf is always a handy fabric to carry out or protect your in the cold. There’s nothing fancy to do here in the project just sew it and use it.

7. Phone Pouch.

Come on everyone has a phone today and how come we don’t sew a pouch for it. A phone pouch is easy to carry around protects the phone from most of the scratches.

8. A blanket.

If you are OK with a slightly tiresome sewing project then try sewing a blanket. Do sew it the way you like it because at the end of the day you are learning something by doing what you like.

9. A simple rag toy.

Use a smooth velvet like fabric to sew a simple toy and stuff cotton within the toy and sew tightly. This makes it cozy enough for your kids to play.

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

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